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#we simply DO NOT share your sensitive data

oPHOTO and Crystal Sky Solutions, Inc DOES NOT share your Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and/or Apple Account profile information with any 3rd party. Furthermore, when post permission is explicitly granted by you to oPHOTO, the app will only use that permission to post oPHOTOs that you explicitly request the app to post. We highly value your privacy.

Disclaimer, Disclosures, and Terms Of Use: All products and services are offered as-is, without warranty, and their use is at your own risk unless otherwise specified. By using our products and services you implicitly agree to not hold Crystal Sky Solutions, Inc or it's employees responsible for any business or personal damages, losses, or litigation resulting from, but not limited to, product or service defects, outages, data loss, breach, abuse, inability to return data, and/or discontinuation.

* oPHOTO cloud storage and social network functionality works best when used with a fast WiFi connection or a fast cellular LTE connection.

** DISCLAIMER: Because of only partially restricted web access and filtering, it is still possible for you to unintentionally search and display content from Google that is Not Safe for Work (NSFW). We cannot control or be responsible for any objectionable content returned from your web searches. Usage by children should always be supervised by an adult.

*** DISCLAIMER: (oPHOTO : Marketing Edition & oPHOTO : Event Edition) You acknowledge understanding that to send links to oPHOTOs it is required that the app upload the oPHOTO to our cloud storage first. You further acknowledge that the uploaded oPHOTOs are not considered secure nor private and could potentially be accessed by unintended parties. You agree to not hold oPHOTO nor Crystal Sky Solutions Inc liable for any direct and indirect damages to you, your customer, or any other affected parties. You acknowledge that you will only upload oPHOTOs that are of a non-sensitive native and consumable by any party in the public domain. If you have directly or indirectly shared a link to an oPHOTO then anyone can in turn share that link to someone else.  You acknowledge understanding that regardless of privacy settings on an oPHOTO, if you have shared a link to an oPHOTO it will be accessible to anyone with that link.  The only way to prevent further viewing of an oPHOTO that someone has a link to, assuming you had previous first uploaded it to oPHOTO Cloud Storage, is to go into Cloud Storage and delete the oPHOTO (after which system processes will begin working to purge the oPHOTO).  For this reason, it is important to always first upload to oPHOTO Cloud Storage first and then share, print, or encode from that oPHOTO stored in Cloud Storage.  This will give you control to revoke external access through deleting that oPHOTO if desired.  Deleting is permanent and unrecoverable, so if you still want to retain that oPHOTO being deleted then first download it's "playable" to your mobile device or computer.

**** DISCLAIMER: oPHOTO cloud storage and all other social network functionality and interactions are very data intensive; data usage charges from your cellular and/or network carrier may apply. By using oPHOTO, oPHOTO cloud storage, and social network functionality you acknowledge and take responsibility for any and all data usage charges. Furthermore, you will not hold oPHOTO nor Crystal Sky Solutions Inc and it's officers responsible for any personal nor business liabilities or damages resulting from your usage or any others' usage, abuse of oPHOTO and/or oPHOTO cloud storage and/or oPHOTO social network functionality, product defects, service outages, and/or data loss.

***** DISCLAIMER: This app is not certified for any official government use unless explicitly specified elsewhere in our Terms Of Use.

****** DISCLAIMER: oPHOTO and Crystal Sky Solutions Inc does not endorse or insure the sales of any services or products by it's business members. Please use extreme caution with your personal and financial information when dealing with any other member. oPHOTO and Crystal Sky Solutions Inc will never ask you for your sensitive personal or financial information.

******* DISCLAIMER: oPHOTO and Crystal Sky Solutions Inc reserve the right to suspend any user account for suspected abuse or misuse without refund. User accounts are subject to terms of use compliance audits and modifications at any time and without notice in order to ensure system security, integrity, performance, and compliance with applicable laws.

******** DISCLAIMER: (oPHOTO : Event Edition & oPHOTO : Marketing Edition) oPHOTO and Crystal Sky Solutions Inc reserve the right to temporarily or permanently remove any content or accounts that may impact the availability of any of our services without refund.

********* DISCLAIMER: You implicitly accept that if the app and/or service in it's current form is discontinued you are not owed a refund for the purchase price nor any subscription fees paid for the app and will not hold oPHOTO nor Crystal Sky Solutions Inc liable for any personal nor business losses. Furthermore you acknowledge that oPHOTO nor Crystal Sky Solutions Inc is under no obligation to provide you any oPHOTOs that you have uploaded to our cloud storage.

********** DISCLAIMER: Any accessible 3rd party content is the property of the content owner and its usage is subject to any copyright, patent, licensing, and legal restrictions of the content owner. We do not authorize any legal usage of 3rd party content even if it is accessible through this app either indirectly or directly. We are not in any way affiliated with nor endorse any 3rd party content and services. Please be respectful of 3rd party intellectual property.

*********** DISCLAIMER: Any external or 3rd party websites, products, services, content, and their respective owners are in no way affiliated with this product, services, and owner. Any links to external or 3rd party website options are merely provided as a shortcut to you providing the website name directly. Only use external or 3rd party websites and their content if given permission by their respective owners. In no way does this product, services, or owner endorse or have any related liability with respect to external or 3rd party websites and their content. Please respect content that has a copyright.

************ DISCLAIMER: Due to GDPR regulations, this app is currently not offered for use within the European Union (EU) or to citizens of EU countries. If you are a citizen of an EU country and have this app installed on your iDevice, please immediately uninstall this app as use is prohibited until further notice.

************* DISCLAIMER: The following data & metadata is stored (not shared to affiliates) for application/service functionality and system administration: all information related to application installations and usage, internal user accounts, messaging (oPHOTO Cloud Storage), liking (oPHOTO Cloud Storage), following (oPHOTO Cloud Storage), blocking (oPHOTO Cloud Storage), feedback, content, content creation, content sharing, content viewing (oPHOTO Cloud Storage), content downloading (oPHOTO Cloud Storage), subscriptions, feedback/requests for assistance, and crash related information. oPHOTOs explicitly deleted from oPHOTO Cloud Storage are immediately deleted unless a system failure or bug interferes. It may be possible that deleted oPHOTOs are still accessible due to caching, proxy, and archive servers on the internet or people copying/duplicating your content. By downloading or using the app you implicitly opt-in to this data collection.

************** DISCLAIMER: All data collected (per the above) may either be retained indefinitely or purged at any time to maintain system performance and uptime objectives without notice.

*************** DISCLAIMER: In order to "revoke consent to collect data and purge collected user data" (a single request which will always consist of both parts: revoke & purge), the target user must submit a support request within the applicable oPHOTO app [using the Feedback/Help feature] specifically requesting the purging of all of their data [after which they should immediately discontinue use of the app so that additional data will not be logged]. For said request, please allow an average of 1-4 weeks for processing. Processing times may be longer if there are a backlog of support requests. Within the request, please also provide a valid email address (required for this request type) so that we may email you confirmation when complete [and so that we may request additional information for request processing when necessary].

  • !!! DISCLAIMER: This process will delete your user data and render all of your framed printed oPHOTOs, encoded merchandise (like key fobs), and shared links unusable and unrecoverable. !!! 

**************** DISCLAIMER: Please always keep secure copies and backups of your oPHOTOs, photos, videos, and other content outside of oPHOTO Cloud Storage. During the beta, pilot, live, maintenance, and close down periods of this service, it is possible that your content may become unrecoverable. You agree to not hold oPHOTO, Crystal Sky Solutions INC, any of its employees, partners, nor affiliates liable for any content this is recoverable or unrecoverable.

***************** DISCLAIMER: After 3 months of non-renewal your cloud storage may be purged.

****************** DISCLAIMER: Direct or indirect sharing of oPHOTO links (embedded in Photo Frames, Key Fobs, other merchandise, extracted from QR codes/NFC microchips, used in text/WhatsApp messages, copied from apps, or obtained by any means) to external social networks is strictly prohibited and may result in unrecoverable functionality loss to your oPHOTO merchandise and/or digital oPHOTOs and/or entire account (along with other account-contained digital oPHOTOs and their associated merchandise).  Actual oPHOTOs (the digital file) can be uploaded to external social media platforms.  What is prohibited to be shared [to the open internet/external social media platforms] are links to oPHOTOs stored on our oPHOTO Cloud Storage platform. Again, sharing/posting of hyperlinks and/or text links to oPHOTOs may result in account suspension, account termination, and/or unrecoverable loss of access to oPHOTOs previously created.  In any of the before mentioned events, your merchandise fees will not be refunded and any subscriptions fees will not be refunded.  Furthermore, you my be financially liable for any resulting system downtime resulting from you taking part in this prohibited activity that may impact other users, system stability, and/or undesirable resource consumption.

******************* DISCLAIMER: oPHOTO and Crystal Sky Solutions Inc reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without notice, including changes and additions to subscription fees, restrictions or exclusions. 

******************** DISCLAIMER: All of the above disclaimers, disclosures, and terms of use also apply to our Composer : Marketing Edition, oPHOTO : QR Reader, oPHOTO : Tag Reader, oPHOTO : Slideshow, oPHOTO : Marketing Edition, and oPHOTO : Social Edition apps and services.

********************* DISCLAIMER: All sales are final. If an event is canceled then all purchased products will be delivered to the customer with the exception of preloaded content. Also, if an event is canceled then all service fees are non-refundable.  In some cases, exceptions may be granted with restocking [or other applicable] fees and scheduling changes may be accommodated at the discretion of a Crystal Sky Solutions, Inc. authorized manager.  Any technical support or product defect issues will require you to contact the device manufacturer for support, repair, and/or replacement if available. Products provided by us are as is without warranty from us; any available may be provided by the product manufacturer if applicable. We are not responsible for the loss of any data on storage devices and media resulting from but not limited to hardware defects, operating system defects, viruses, malware, user error, accidents, natural disasters, force majeure, theft, seizure, confiscation, misrouting, vandalism, sabotage, heat, fire, water, moisture, electricity, x-rays, magnetism, drop, pressure, and/or user modification of stored data.

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