NFC  Microchip Tagged 4" x 6" oPHOTO Print (Service)

NFC Microchip Tagged 4" x 6" oPHOTO Print (Service)

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Service to tag an individual printed oPHOTO so that a user can simply tap their mobile phone on it to view the contained message.

Before delivery to you, we will ask you what is the #hashtag that you have tagged the oPHOTOs with (in the app) that you want NFC tagged when printed. If you have tagged more oPHOTOs than the selected quantity of this service then only the most recent oPHOTOs will be printed and NFC tagged.

* Quantity reflects how many oPHOTOs you want printed and NFC tagged.

** Requires a mobile phone that supports NFC tag reading (such as iPhone 7, 8, X, XS, 12, 13, 14, 15 with iOS 13+).

*** Price does not include shipping surcharge.  Shipping surcharge will vary depending on number of addresses being shipped to.